7 Essentials For Airplane Travel in 2017

It’s pretty safe to say we spend a great deal of time on airplanes nowadays so I decided to jot down my top tips for airplane travel in 2017. I remember when I was younger, visiting an aunt who lived in another country was just a dream, we could only afford to speak to her twice a year on the phone, due to the cost!

The world has since become a much smaller place with the cost of communicating around the world dropping to zero with the likes of Snapchat, Facebook messenger and Skype, and long distance travel becoming much more accessible to the masses. Due to this, we are all spending more time in the air and in airports. Personally, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Heathrow lately as I commute between London Heathrow and LaGuardia in New York City, for business.

What works and what doesn’t?

With me travelling around a lot, I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t, and those all important things I have to make sure I have with me no matter where I’m heading off too. So I thought it only fair that I share with you the products that I always carry with me, in order to make those long flights a little more bearable.

So here goes with my 7 essentials for airplane travel that can be useful on both long and short haul flights, no matter where you’re jetting off, whether business or pleasure.


Several hours to travel between New York and Heathrow. Long layovers and you’ve already seen the movies on the plane twice already! Only one thing to do and that’s sleep through it, but many people can find it difficult when travelling.

There are different trains of thought on this topic. I do know some people that swear by staying up for 24 hours before a long haul flight. I know other people who say it’s best not to eat anything from the airplane menu. My solution is, earplugs or decent headphones, to block out the airport and cabin noise. If you’re travelling in business class from Heathrow or any other major airport, some of the airlines will provide some of these things, others don’t. I always make sure I have these essentials in my bag so I’m ready to grab a short nap or a longer sleep on the actual plane, whenever I can do.


With new regulations which many airports have now adopted, it’s much more important than ever to ensure that your electronic devices (cell phone, tablet, laptop ) are charged before you decide to travel, and that they stay charged so that you can hit the ground running when you arrive at your destination.

More and more now, many airlines have USB charging ports on every individual seat, and this is fantastic. For people who don’t though, I do know I’m likely going to be OK with a portable battery charger which is usually with me.

About a similar size as my iPhone, the one I choose to make use of (the Anker Portable Charger ) holds enough juice to recharge my iPhone 9 times, and I can also charge my iPad too. So when I touch down on foreign soil and I’ve got to call an Uber, or when I get lost in JFK airport (again ) and I have to consult a web map, I do know that I’m not likely going to be stuck.


The third on my list of tips for airplane travel in 2017, is something of a ritual for myself. Overcome passport control at the airport, stuff my belongings back into my bag (thanks security for making unpack my worldly belongings ), and head straight towards the nearest store to purchase a bottle of water and 2 granola bars.

When crossing several different time zones, there’s no guarantee that the meal will be available when you‘re actually hungry – so usually I have a few granola bars with me, just in case I get peckish and a shop is nowhere to be found.

I additionally can’t stress enough the significance of staying hydrated on the flight. I purchase a bottle of water every time there’s a layover and accept every drink of water or juice that is offered to me on a flight. Sure, it could mean you have to dash towards the bathroom a bit more, but it definitely helps with the jetlag.


This is just one of my favourite tips. My carry-on luggage is typically packed pretty tight, there isn’t really room for the bottle of water, granola bars, or trashy magazines I am inclined to buy in the airport. So I always carry with me just a little calico tote bag, which I will roll up and stuff into my carry-on luggage. Before I board my plane, I put everything I will need on the flight (everything from this list ) straight into the tote bag, so I will then put my carryon bag inside the overhead bin and never need to access it at all. It gives me more legroom and fewer annoyance for anyone sitting next to me, as I never need to get up and down to access the overhead locker.

this is my actual tote bag!


Very similar to my new friend the ear plugs, an eye mask is the thing that I now can’t survive without on an extended flight. Blocking out the bright interior lights or the sun when the person across from you decides to open and close the window blind. You’ll rest easier whenever you can’t see a thing.


I’m not saying bring your very best large feather pillow from home, complete with a ruffly pillowcase for my 6th tip for airplane travel in 2017, but if you really want too….. Nor am I saying you need to be that individual wandering all around the airport terminal along with your u-shaped travel pillow permanently stuck onto your neck. But I‘m saying bring something which is convenient if you want to lean your head. Because usually the airplane pillows are stingy and small, and also your head deserves something a little more convenient to rest on. My personal pillow, is my fleece jacket which I travel in, but which can be rolled up into a rather comfortable pillow.


I’ve often had some of my best business ideas and creative type ideas while stuck either on a place or in an airport. It seems that the time spent doing nothing, can actually be very productive. Make sure you’re ready to jot down your earth shattering ideas by have a pen and paper to hand at all times. It can also serve as useful if you want to jot down an itinerary for your travels while stuck in the lounge awaiting boarding. This is probably the most used item on my lis of tips for airplane travel in 2017 and the one which gives me the most back when I finish my journey, as I often have a lot of ideas and notes to go through.

That’s it!

That’s all for my long travel tips from Heathrow to New Zealand or wherever you are heading off too. It will be the same case when I get back into Gatwick airport London later this week after my latest business trip where I wrote this very blog down in my trusty notebook.

I hope my top tips for airport and airplane travel in 2017, have given you a little insight into my travelling lifestyle and hopefully you can use one or two of my tips to help ease your journey next time you’re hopping on a place.

I’m going to be aiming to do a monthly guest blog post for Moonraker Travel, so please check back and keep up to date.